Day: November 15, 2021

Moderna is Ready for HIV Vaccine Human Trial After the Success of COVID-19

Moderna is now preparing another human trial; this time not for COVID-19 but HIV. According to the American Registry for clinical trials, an American biotech company in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is on its way to testing two different vaccine candidates that are based on the same mRNA technology as COVID-19 shots.
Following the success of the COVID-19 vaccines, which proved remarkably effective at preventing COVID-19, Moderna will begin to test similar technology against HIV. The mRNA technology which the biotech company has been considering has now proven effective.
This development gave them …

COVID-19 Information for People Living with HIV

The COVID-19 virus poses an imminent danger for people with HIV. The risk of acquiring severe COVID-19 illness is at its highest as they are immunocompromised. Individuals with HIV conditions must practice strict health protocols. It is also crucial that they will be given priority for anti-COVID vaccination.
Here are some of the critical things that people living with HIV must know about COVID vaccines:

Individuals living with HIV belong to the Ontario Phase 2 priority group. They are also eligible based on their age and where they live.
Here are the ways to know your eligibility for a vaccine: