Former HIV Ward Now Acute Care Unit

The former AIDS ward of St. Paul Hospital is now called the Urban Health Acute Care Unit. This time, aside from patients with HIV/AIDS, this unit also provides medical care for infectious diseases, addiction, and chronic/acute illnesses.

Formerly dedicated to patients with HIV/AIDS, The Urban Health Acute Care Unit started providing multidisciplinary services since HIV cases significantly declined in 2014.

The Urban Health Acute Care Unit provides patient-centered services, trauma-informed, and progressive harm reduction approach to addiction management. The clinic’s priority is those who came from the marginalized, homeless patients and no community support.

They give special attention to infections among marginalized patients. Aside from HIV-related opportunistic infections, the physicians also treat drug-use-related infections and complications of chronic liver diseases.

However, if you are looking for acute care solely dedicated to HIV patients, Providence Healthcare offers Acute HIV/AIDS Care services.  They are a referral center for individuals who are tested positive and maybe need comprehensive treatment. They provide services to HIV-positive patients in all clinical areas of the hospital.

They offer:

  • 24-bed inpatient unit
  • Integrated specialist care
  • Addiction consult team