Where to Find Helpful HIV Resources?

There are support communities and helplines for people who are tested positive for HIV. One of these is the British Columbia Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The BC-CfE in HIV/AIDS is one of the most extensive research facilities, treatment, and education organizations.

Another HIV/AIDS support group is the ACT (https://www.actoronto.org/programs-services/groups ) which is a group that started in 1983 in Toronto. It is now one of Canada’s HIV service organizations. They offer various group-based programs for people suffering from the stigma of HIV, especially those who are struggling with mental health and substance use.

Among their programs are as follows:

  • Body Image Support Group
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Gay Men’s Coffee Night
  • Gay Men’s Wellness Group
  • Living with HIV for Gay Men, and more

If you need a support group or counseling, you can reach out to organizations or groups that offer online counseling and other services. A separate support group is beneficial to your current circumstance besides your family.

In these groups, you can find individuals you can relate with, people with similar experiences as yours, and people living with HIV. They share experiences, seek and give advice, and exchange best practices. These groups also help in making treatment and medication accessible. Different groups focus on specific needs, find out which one is good for you.