HIV Prevention

If you are sexually active with multiple partners, whether male, female, or gay, there is a greater risk of being exposed to HIV. To prevent your risk of HIV transmission, don’t get into sexual intercourse with just about anyone else.

You can never tell if somebody you are having sex with is HIV-free. It is always wiser to practice safer sex. If you can’t be monogamous, at least use safer sex measures.

Here are things to do to avoid getting infected with HIV.

  • If you only have one partner at a time, there is the slightest chance of contracting the disease, but for your peace of mind, you can both undergo an HIV test.
  • If you have multiple partners or are sexually active, use a latex condom when having sex.
  • If you are injecting drugs, make sure to use a brand new syringe every injection and dispose of the syringe properly after using it. Do not share needles.
  • Get tested every three months.

If you are tested positive for HIV, inform your partner and don’t get involved in any sexual activities. If you can’t avoid having sex, be honest with your partner and use protection. Be responsible; make sure that the virus stops with you.

Start living healthy. Avoid places, activities, or situations that can get you sick. Always remember that your immune system is already compromised. Lastly, ask for support from your loved ones and family. They are the best people that can help you at this time.