What are HIV Treatment Guidelines?

A medical practice guideline developed and approved by a panel of experts in HIV care is a comprehensive guide intended for HIV practitioners. This is designed to help HIV/AIDS practitioners and other healthcare providers treat their HIV-positive patients.

This set of guidelines is managed by a committee composed of physicians, pharmacists, virologists, health service researchers, community members, and economists.

These guidelines are compilations of treatment and recommendations created to assist physicians and other health care providers in their clinical decision-making. Most of these guidelines cover all aspects of HIV treatment and various circumstances. These guidelines are found in clinical info and HIV treatment guidelines from the American Academy of Medicine.

The guidelines cover conditions such as but not limited to the following:

  • Virologic failure
  • Poor CD4 Recovery and Persistent Inflammation
  • Adolescents and Young Adults with HIV
  • Women with HIV
  • Substance Use Disorder and HIV
  • Hepatitis C Virus/HIV Coinfection and more

Meanwhile, the guidelines from the American Academy of HIV Medicine cover:

  • Adult and Adolescent ARV Guidelines
  • Adult and Adolescent Opportunistic Infection Prevention and Treatment Guidelines
  • Perinatal Guidelines
  • Pediatric ARV Guidelines, and more

These guidelines are not intended for public use, as they are designed or developed for the benefit of physicians or other health care providers only. The public is advised not to use the guidelines as a basis for individual decisions or treatment or consider them a substitute for medical advice.

It is highly recommended to continuously seek professional help, whether physicians or other health care providers.

Even though these guidelines are based on updated scientific evidence, they don’t warrant the accuracy of the information for any particular use. Any individual applying the guidelines should use independent medical judgment in the context of their circumstances.