Author: Alan Hardy

Can Bee Stings Cure HIV?

The search for a cure for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has continued since the virus was identified in the 1980s.
Numerous medical breakthroughs have significantly improved the quality of life for people with HIV, but a definitive cure has remained elusive. Throughout history, countless unconventional treatments have been proposed, and one such claim is that bee stings can cure HIV. While trying to determine the food group honey belongs to, consider the possibility that honey might just be the least of the goodies bees have to offer.
However, it …

CBD and HIV? Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects of Using Cannabidiol for HIV

The list of diseases cannabidiol treats keeps growing. There’s proof that it might effectively treat HIV and AIDs. This non-psychoactive component of cannabis has gained popularity in recent years due to its purported medical benefits.
Undoubtedly, it has proven to be worth the hype in the past. But is that still the case?
We bet you are dying to find out. We’ll cover the potential benefits, dosages, and side effects of using CBD for HIV/AIDS and highlight some studies that suggest it may be beneficial.
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Significant Link Seen Between Anxiety Disorders and the Risk of HIV

There is a new research finding that links mood and anxiety disorder in HIV risk among sexual minorities. Dr. Viviane Dias Lima of BC-CeF studies sexually risky behavior among the LGBT community.
The research determines the association between HIV risk behavior and anxiety disorder diagnoses.
The most prevalent disorder affecting most Canadians are mood and anxiety disorders. These disorders take three-quarters of all mental health disorders-related health care services, which amounts to more than half of the total costs spent on all mental health disorders.
The study was conducted using a cross-sectional population-…

Moderna is Ready for HIV Vaccine Human Trial After the Success of COVID-19

Moderna is now preparing another human trial; this time not for COVID-19 but HIV. According to the American Registry for clinical trials, an American biotech company in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is on its way to testing two different vaccine candidates that are based on the same mRNA technology as COVID-19 shots.
Following the success of the COVID-19 vaccines, which proved remarkably effective at preventing COVID-19, Moderna will begin to test similar technology against HIV. The mRNA technology which the biotech company has been considering has now proven effective.
This development gave them …

COVID-19 Information for People Living with HIV

The COVID-19 virus poses an imminent danger for people with HIV. The risk of acquiring severe COVID-19 illness is at its highest as they are immunocompromised. Individuals with HIV conditions must practice strict health protocols. It is also crucial that they will be given priority for anti-COVID vaccination.
Here are some of the critical things that people living with HIV must know about COVID vaccines:

Individuals living with HIV belong to the Ontario Phase 2 priority group. They are also eligible based on their age and where they live.
Here are the ways to know your eligibility for a vaccine:

Hope to Health Research and Innovation Complex on the Rise

Residents of Downtown Eastside (DTES) Vancouver benefit from Hope to Care’s founding as it offers comprehensive, wrap-around health care. This facility was opened in 2019 at the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES).
The H2H complex gives integrated harm reduction, safer supply, and primary care services to clients with on-site laboratory services.
This complex was built through the generosity of the late Carl P. Vanderspek. Mr. Vanderspek donated the source of funds for the creation of H2H. Carl P. Vanderspek started as a businessman. Upon achieving outstanding business success, he diverted into …

How Vaping Helps HIV-Positive Smokers Quit

Many HIV-positive people are required to take drugs on a daily basis in order to improve the duration and quality of their lives. Despite this, many of them continue to smoke a pack of cigarettes per day. How does this make logical sense?
While the dangers of smoking are widely known to anyone who smokes, they are probably even more dangerous for persons living with HIV. We talked to and discussed how vaping could assist HIV-positive smokers in abandoning their harmful habits.
The Dangers of Smoking for HIV-Positive People